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Imdong Kichu 6 soat oldin
Thanos Ave
Thanos Ave 6 soat oldin
KENYA looking like this isn’t Nieman markets ??
Kimberly Bradford
Kimberly Bradford 6 soat oldin
Why does it say rescue monkey when he’s not even a monkey
Call of duty Multikill
Call of duty Multikill 7 soat oldin
You should look for snakes under that slab
XCXC XC12 7 soat oldin
Still remembering that ur barn burned rip all the pets that died😭😭😭😭😪
Vernon Boone
Vernon Boone 8 soat oldin
Name her slowfy
Vernon Boone
Vernon Boone 8 soat oldin
Blake you are a good person my bro you have been put here by god
dojc 65
dojc 65 8 soat oldin
planted cactus too. for tortoise aa food
John A
John A 9 soat oldin
yo whats kenyas ig
denzil franklyn
denzil franklyn 9 soat oldin
The plant with the purple flowers is called morning glory
kinddencil yt
kinddencil yt 9 soat oldin
Dog update
John Sitton
John Sitton 10 soat oldin
What happened with the quals
I-Esha Proctor
I-Esha Proctor 11 soat oldin
Would love to see a update on your bullies and the pups
rosie 11 soat oldin
is pétrea gonna go into the huge enclosure that you’re doing? is his enclosure big enough or do they usually like being in smaller places?
John A
John A 12 soat oldin
whats kenyas ig
John A
John A 13 soat oldin
kenya is 2 hot to handle!
Reagan Rodrigues
Reagan Rodrigues 16 soat oldin
oliver is so cute, i want me an oliver now
Matthew Beam
Matthew Beam 17 soat oldin
Biggest turtle zoo*
Ryan Kehoe
Ryan Kehoe 17 soat oldin
It reminds me of baby Yoda
Marquis Milner
Marquis Milner 17 soat oldin
I like your video
mickeychesbrough 19 soat oldin
Yeah you live on a "ranch" let's lay off the nails
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yes Oliver merch
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Neshmarie Arroyo 21 soat oldin
Mans speaks too much
Kat Burkhill
Kat Burkhill 21 soat oldin
Shave the beard
AdN XD 22 soat oldin
Blake i beg you this will be the coolest thing ever to put a cassowary in the aviary everybody who agrees like so that blake can read this
Pyrotehnice Tro
Pyrotehnice Tro 22 soat oldin
omg yeah
CSGO RoTournaments
CSGO RoTournaments 22 soat oldin
yeah but i don't know if it's legal but it would be cool
ShortFilms pROduction
ShortFilms pROduction 22 soat oldin
YOOO yeah a cassowary whould be dope
6C12 POON ALBRENA 22 soat oldin
Even tho the fire in the barn a few years ago killed a lot of innocent animals, it really helped too, now it's more secure then ever :)
Andre Dhanesar
Andre Dhanesar 22 soat oldin
An iguana
野球ファン 23 soat oldin
Doctor Gawd
Doctor Gawd 23 soat oldin
for those that are angry about the way he grabbed him by the neck, take note that it is perfectly normal for them to be handled that way because their mothers pick them by their neck.
John Abel
John Abel Kun oldin
Show your BEAR Please
irfan zuhair
irfan zuhair Kun oldin
You don’t really sell your sponsor well 🤣🤣 felt like you actually were missing out on stuff like a smoke detector and fire alarms before while you gave the explanation 🤣🤣🤣
xx GERALD Kun oldin
hi Blake
Angel Ramsawak
Angel Ramsawak Kun oldin
I hate gators but this is for you so get the gator
Puddle Jumpers
Puddle Jumpers Kun oldin
Tbh Blake I’ve been watching you & subscribed to you since the old barn, I personally would like to see the Tilapia breeding for the fish feeding you started on the side of the barn
N1kaLv Kun oldin
Why the fudge i live in cold are,. i love this kind of hot jungle type things xD
Radhika Bhuwalka
Radhika Bhuwalka Kun oldin
Blake do next vidios of your birds you can get a new bird of do a vidio of showing all your birds
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saif akram Kun oldin
saif akram
saif akram Kun oldin
saif akram
saif akram Kun oldin
saif akram
saif akram Kun oldin
saif akram
saif akram Kun oldin
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Blake do you ever wear shoes?
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Hi I am a fan ❤️❤️❤️
Branddi Kun oldin
ommmgg i wanna see a cage make over for your white skunk! It's so cute and haven't seen her/him in awhile😭 🦨
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Lovely collection
August Miller
August Miller Kun oldin
most dog videos n snakes
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Kun oldin
Hey Blake I was wondering if you could do a dog video i haven't seen the dogs in a while and love to see them
Boogie Kang
Boogie Kang Kun oldin
You should get a pelican Blake
Craig Karabinos
Craig Karabinos Kun oldin
No offense but your guest is annoying. He needs to watch this back. He sounds so fake.
Adam Wonder
Adam Wonder Kun oldin
i didnt see any monkeys ???
The life of kasper
The life of kasper Kun oldin
Super click bait
The life of kasper
The life of kasper Kun oldin
Super click bait
Leigh Roe
Leigh Roe Kun oldin
That smoke detector needs to b on celling that whole room would need to fill with smoke to activate the smoke detector
Lucy Costelloe
Lucy Costelloe Kun oldin
its ether 14 or 15
Diane Miller
Diane Miller Kun oldin
You need 🦩 🦩 🦩’s 👍
Best gifted Honey bee
Best gifted Honey bee Kun oldin
Cool epic tortoise
mmotley13 Kun oldin
I thought there was going to be 5 eggs
Zero Alpha
Zero Alpha Kun oldin
Nice Exotic Farm, Blake. Keep it up bro
Pierce Culpepper
Pierce Culpepper Kun oldin
The video I would like is building the chickens something cool
Ethan Gilchrist
Ethan Gilchrist Kun oldin
Blake kinkajous are not monkeys they are in the raccoon family
Gabriel Grace
Gabriel Grace Kun oldin
I subscribed
Alfredo Toribio
Alfredo Toribio Kun oldin
Where’s part two to the last video
3 Amigos Toy Reviews
3 Amigos Toy Reviews Kun oldin
Love watching your UZpost videos cause am a animal lover we have a bearded dragon 2 leopard geckos a iguana, guniea pigs hermit crabs as well as two small mixed bread house dogs most are rescues or owners couldn’t keep them.
Ckent Marapao
Ckent Marapao Kun oldin
Blake Kaldirimoglu
Tom Kenyon
Tom Kenyon Kun oldin
Maybe an upgrade of enclosure for pitri?
Ryan Frank
Ryan Frank Kun oldin
Blake what happened with the Amazon parrot egg
Cliff Get Em
Cliff Get Em Kun oldin
What monkey was shown
Brandon Travis
Brandon Travis Kun oldin
when we are going to see the dog video it’s been so long can we get a update
Jiajun Chua
Jiajun Chua Kun oldin
Update on your fish?👍🤩
Gareth Beelders
Gareth Beelders Kun oldin
Please make some more videos of the dogs
Sasha Wengler
Sasha Wengler Kun oldin
These are the South American ducks we have, Wild Muscovy's, Ringed Teal, Sharp-Winged Teal, Silver Fulvous Whistling Ducks, Chiloe Wigeons, and Cinnamon Teal
Sasha Wengler
Sasha Wengler Kun oldin
The purple flowering plant you have is called Mexican petunia it can grown tall like that or there is a dwarf version.
Sasha Wengler
Sasha Wengler Kun oldin
Your Baby calls might be what are called Fawns, Pastels, silvers or blue
Alex Salgado
Alex Salgado Kun oldin
Good Video 👍
In Drones We Trust!
In Drones We Trust! Kun oldin
I'm your biggest fan, your cool dude and animals lover, just like I am biggggg animals lover too! And it's really cool owl 🦉 you got there and I like her name, Maya. Keeps up great work at B.E.A.R. it's perfect, cuz your names Blake and you got exotic animals at your ranch, it's perfect fit for that name and your logo of turtle 🐢, I was wondering if you could add like a bear paw 🐾 in your turtle logo?? It would be cool, but you got pretty cool turtle 🐢 logo, love it! Keep up great work, dude! 🤘🏻🤙🏼
wani _vp
wani _vp Kun oldin
You should hide some fruit in his enclosure so that when hes active at night he can find them
Titus Paul
Titus Paul Kun oldin
Swimming in aviary build with the turtles
Jodi Simpson
Jodi Simpson Kun oldin
I think you should put night vision camera in there and let us see him overnight
Billy Thekid
Billy Thekid Kun oldin
Blake your place is amazing! Do u give private tours