elisha james
elisha james 5 soat oldin
Blake you should put the Asian clut otter in the pond
Mariska Barnard
Mariska Barnard 5 soat oldin
hapwn 6 soat oldin
I feel like ik these guys where we're just chopping it up. Cool dudes I'd chill with, with all them reptiles. 😎
Aiden Islas
Aiden Islas 6 soat oldin
Kierraih Sherrod
Kierraih Sherrod 7 soat oldin
Name her Bella
shayla an the Duck chipotle
shayla an the Duck chipotle 7 soat oldin
This guy an animals make me laugh hard
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Brandy Foos 7 soat oldin
Yo I secretly took my moms phone and subscribed
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The Last Archer 7 soat oldin
The Pot smoking dork farmer. Nice beard ya dune bag
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Love Dealer 8 soat oldin
Dude shaved an look like skin head
BussD Juice
BussD Juice 9 soat oldin
this is so fun to watch
lirberzo 9 soat oldin
I have a question what is this bird name i need to know! :0 It have black eyes on top is white and on bottom is black skin??
cvzlovekillz Nyc
cvzlovekillz Nyc 10 soat oldin
Shorty a whole snack .
Maddie Swan
Maddie Swan 10 soat oldin
Ok this dude's got a great jawline just going to point that out
Lego Moosey
Lego Moosey 11 soat oldin
Blake you should get a beaver 🦫 if you can.Will you ever get more otters?
Thanos Ave
Thanos Ave 12 soat oldin
I’m very impressed ! His ranch has gotten better every year . Amazingly better . I’m sure his almost 1 million subscribers would love to visit the ranch. Amazing passion ! # BLOWN AWAY BY THE NEW POND !!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!
Terry Forbes
Terry Forbes 12 soat oldin
Keep her around...
Ann-Marie Croteau
Ann-Marie Croteau 12 soat oldin
lulu sould be her name
The perfect And more
The perfect And more 12 soat oldin
Your cute
The perfect And more
The perfect And more 12 soat oldin
Your cu
Jo 610
Jo 610 13 soat oldin
Blake weirded tf out and shi
Jo 610
Jo 610 13 soat oldin
This video was like awkward asf
Lukas Heilmann
Lukas Heilmann 13 soat oldin
Whats your name best friend
Kwezzy 14 soat oldin
Listen to your woman Blake.
Daniel Uy
Daniel Uy 15 soat oldin
Oliver's Merch with him wearing a Green Arrow Hoodie
sarah Johnson
sarah Johnson 15 soat oldin
Oliver March
sarah Johnson
sarah Johnson 15 soat oldin
They are very friendly and very funny
Ian 16 soat oldin
They belong with koi, they like colder water. They are super passive and get bullied by everyone in the aquarium that has aggressive nature. I had two with a bunch of fish the same size and one ended up with one eye because of my oscars. Hence they are now with shabukins ranchus orandas and giant danios. They're getting big but not big as the one you have, (hope he makes it). Soon I will move them in with my koi.. I think - sharks are scaleless and if so you may want to cut back on the salt too could stress it..
Lynniyah Reynolds
Lynniyah Reynolds 16 soat oldin
18 eeg
Joshua Dill
Joshua Dill 17 soat oldin
Be nice to Kenya. Shes works very hard for you bro.
mark Halliday
mark Halliday 17 soat oldin
I'm pretty sure these guys prefer cooler water as the get older
Mustafa Rahimi
Mustafa Rahimi 18 soat oldin
I love animals so much and my favourite is any bird
Mustafa Rahimi
Mustafa Rahimi 18 soat oldin
You are the best
Mustafa Rahimi
Mustafa Rahimi 18 soat oldin
Are you ever going to buy a new horse
Kai Zahran Dunais
Kai Zahran Dunais 19 soat oldin
poor guy revive him pls
Andrew Park
Andrew Park 20 soat oldin
I seear if u click bait me one more f’n time
DrObi0us 20 soat oldin
what are you gonna do with louis? I imagine shes gonna need her own enclosure when she gets larger.
Michael H
Michael H 20 soat oldin
catfish seeing a flipped over injured fish... i wonder if they will try to eat it. even if it's maybe a little too big for them.
Geminiii Life
Geminiii Life 21 soat oldin
The tail grabs make me cringe 🥺🥲
Catherine Horm
Catherine Horm 21 soat oldin
So cute when I get rich I want to be like blakes
Eva Tudino
Eva Tudino 22 soat oldin
Your waters nasty that's sad poor fish you should have corntean him and your not a good fish keeper this is so sad all you could have done you should have already done all you waited to film it for waiting
puirYorick 23 soat oldin
When a fish is that badly off you need to rig up a hospital tank not just move it in with just slightly less aggressive fish. May or may not have been primarily a bullying cause. It may just have gotten sick/weak THEN got picked on because he was floating looking like a carcass to be nibbled.
Argha Modak
Argha Modak Kun oldin
Hey !this man is dead now😭, please everyone pray for him🙏 😂😂Lol what a joke
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“Oliver’s Ranch” Oliver wearing cowboy hat with boots and holding a revolver with the ranch in the background I’d buy that shirt hahha
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Dave the deer
Eric Kort
Eric Kort Kun oldin
i like to see you toss a small pumpking in the air and slice it just like rutger hauer in blind fury,lol
Kash Martin
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bambi and faline
Eric Kort
Eric Kort Kun oldin
nice squat when she picks up the pumpkin
Leanne and Andrew Lory
Leanne and Andrew Lory Kun oldin
Stay strong though and try to keep calm
Leanne and Andrew Lory
Leanne and Andrew Lory Kun oldin
Omg I fell bad cause I have pet fish too two of my fish have died so I’ve been missing them
Charvari Kun oldin
pov you're an idiot who typoed, found a playlist, and clicked on the first video.
Tucker Ewton
Tucker Ewton Kun oldin
I think he will make it they are pretty hearty fish
Malakai Barlow
Malakai Barlow Kun oldin
Poor fish
Adam Temple
Adam Temple Kun oldin
Good luck little friend
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Your so close to one million keep up the content!!
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Kenya ❤️😍🥰
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Im so sorry that all of us couldnt get u to 1m subs before ur birthday
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air head gf
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a drainer to drain it it probly want work lol
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Divesh Rajaram
Divesh Rajaram Kun oldin
Play 80s
Rico Pigeons
Rico Pigeons Kun oldin
For her you got a like good job bro
Jorge Alberto Chavez Jimenez
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kiwi is a citrus fruit, maybe not good for tortoise
Jill Blackburn
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The Gaming Guru
The Gaming Guru Kun oldin
no one: fish seeing otter: is that a duck?
Hook'd Up Outdoors
Hook'd Up Outdoors Kun oldin
Hay string lol its called twine bud
Alyssa Edwards
Alyssa Edwards Kun oldin
I love ur channel soo much u expire me to do a lot in life and one day I am going to get a tortoise from you!!! 💯❤️
Xandre Creations
Xandre Creations Kun oldin
The caiman lizard was so carful with the snail
Z Kun oldin
Who that baddie on the couch
Major Moxy Babylon
Major Moxy Babylon Kun oldin
Water softener salt in a large bag from Home Depot is what we use in the Koi ponds ..same salt..way cheaper
Deb Nelson
Deb Nelson Kun oldin
Yes I think that’s all freaking cool. Only problem you need to dig a freaking deeper hole for that last tree! By about a foot and a half
Coorey Pan
Coorey Pan Kun oldin
Should try to make a sling of sorts to hold the fish upright in the current of the water. Being on its side or upside-down can be fatal for the fish
Sam Stewarts
Sam Stewarts Kun oldin
Wishing your fishy lucky! Wished I could bring my kids there , we from tennessee
Elijah Lopez
Elijah Lopez Kun oldin
The content is just worse and worse we all know you hire people to do everything don't say we then say the person who you payed Blake.
Ray Cooper
Ray Cooper Kun oldin
You need to add Melafix pond strength.
Adrian FR
Adrian FR Kun oldin
room tour
JAVE D Kun oldin
Im a big fan of yours bro but thats what u get by keeping peaceful fish with predators. The eye definitely seems to be a damaged cornea, if it makes it the white opaque part will fall off/ clear off in a few weeks. I had a koi that banged its head hard and had both eyes like that. Hopes your fish makes it. tc
M.M Andersson
M.M Andersson Kun oldin
This is what happens when your mouth is moving much faster than your brain. Stay in school kids
ghost4life621 Kun oldin
You should get Mandarin ducks