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Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch

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Today we put together a new pool/bath tub for my pet otter Ollie go check it out and leave a comment on what you think! Welcome to Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch
if you’re new here, I would definitely subscribe and click your post notifications on, because you don’t want to miss the journey and the craziness that happens at the ranch or at any other animal facility we go together! Give the videos a thumbs up because the ranch fam is strong and I appreciate everyone who watches the channel! Follow my Instagram to get exclusive updates before full videos get posted on UZpost!
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Cindy Fischer
Cindy Fischer 26 kun oldin
Your little buddy is so adorable! I subscribed after your collaboration with Flair (I've been a sub of his for quite some time). I binge watched your videos this past weekend and thoroughly love your channel and your animals. I even cried during your unfortunate fire video and when you announced your loss of Avatar, even though it was a couple of years ago. God has surely blessed with you with your talent, love and compassion for animals. Thanks for sharing your life with us and giving us something to smile at, and for bring joy to our lives when everything around us sometimes seems like it's in turmoil.
JJ Ditty
JJ Ditty 14 kun oldin
Rhyser 74
Rhyser 74 21 kun oldin
@Samuel Smith huh
uncle jezz
uncle jezz 23 kun oldin
@JJmencsfan9 it was a rare turle . Like he was the only one of his kind in the entire world . But he had some complications and didn't really live that long and died . But I believe Blake preserved his corpse .
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 25 kun oldin
@Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch Why don’t you get the other girl you got rid of
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 25 kun oldin
@Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch are you going in order for the other one they can meat
GoreVox 2 kun oldin
Yoo, are you considering learning it to swim on its back? I saw a video of otter parents doing this idk haha im not an animal expert or anything just a thought
Margaret Vargas
Margaret Vargas 6 kun oldin
I love your mom. She gets so excited to see Ollie go into the swing. So cute.
brandon fumes
brandon fumes 7 kun oldin
First video had to subscribe thanks to FLAIR
brandon fumes
brandon fumes 7 kun oldin
You guys have my dream job but up here in MASS life blows thanks to our shitty laws and weather
Chris Lasken
Chris Lasken 9 kun oldin
Edwin G Torres
Edwin G Torres 9 kun oldin
That's a beautiful animal
Qasim Afham
Qasim Afham 9 kun oldin
Amazing post thank you for this amazing video I love your small budd
Keaton Roberts
Keaton Roberts 10 kun oldin
3 to 4 inches is big😈
Greasy Lungs
Greasy Lungs 11 kun oldin
Damn a lot changed in a year and a half
Battle Rap Kingdom
Battle Rap Kingdom 13 kun oldin
Love it 🔥🔥🔥
Amanda Crawford
Amanda Crawford 13 kun oldin
I love your vids
al3in 15 kun oldin
I wNna buy same
Elardo Fleming
Elardo Fleming 15 kun oldin
Moms is so adorable and funny now just need to add fish
Levi Branscum
Levi Branscum 16 kun oldin
I think he needs some fish in there
Ricky Alves
Ricky Alves 16 kun oldin
Kenya is so pretty
Eddie Melendez
Eddie Melendez 17 kun oldin
dont disrespect your mom like have to cherish every moment you have with her. so man up, because time is precios having her there .
Cyber_Dev123 18 kun oldin
Dream Chase
Dream Chase 18 kun oldin
Otters are so cute 🥰
PuertoRicanPrincess 19 kun oldin
You need to get a harpy 🦅
capisci 19 kun oldin
Blake are you ever gonna make a new logo?
Lucci 19 kun oldin
That Otter is so cute
KimE RS 20 kun oldin
💘Oliver! 🦦
Gunner Lucero
Gunner Lucero 20 kun oldin
Ooooooo she said u were small lol jk brotha hood videos u grinding and with edits u prob do a lot more but awesome u got this far and keep growing them turtles will out live us lol but ima sub brotha and part thanks to flair
sarah K
sarah K 20 kun oldin
Oliver is gorgeous 😍 love the squeaks he makes ❤️
sooomiaqui 21 kun oldin
What kind of tub is that? Perhaps it is for aquaculture fish farms? I need big tub like that for my turtle.
Jaime The Fish Guy
Jaime The Fish Guy 21 kun oldin
Hugo Yorath
Hugo Yorath 21 kun oldin
Olly is so cute 😊
Censordat 22 kun oldin
Dam...I want a dam baby otter now! Fuck! LOL
Aiden Meikamp
Aiden Meikamp 22 kun oldin
I liked it because your moms so excited haha
Soc Beast11
Soc Beast11 22 kun oldin
How can I get one
uncle jezz
uncle jezz 23 kun oldin
Ooooo 1 million is getting closer everyday
Ron Slote
Ron Slote 23 kun oldin
get him a little boogie board
William Goodman
William Goodman 23 kun oldin
Good seeing your video on the otter
Jakhai Edmond
Jakhai Edmond 23 kun oldin
When will you be restocking on the sulcata tortoises because I was thinking on getting one
todd trierweiler
todd trierweiler 23 kun oldin
I can see that's mom's lil Ollie 😁
todd trierweiler
todd trierweiler 23 kun oldin
Suggestions cut the pvc pipe the 🔵 one about 1foot long and some driftwood so you can hide clams Crabs and Also live fish 🐟 for learning how to catch food
Thanos Ave
Thanos Ave 23 kun oldin
I think they should change the ranch name to Kenya and Blake’s exotic animal ranch !
p2 sanders
p2 sanders 23 kun oldin
i. Ma. A UZpostr
p2 sanders
p2 sanders 23 kun oldin
Kïñgkevïñ Tv
Kïñgkevïñ Tv 23 kun oldin
Sable ferret pls I need to learn I want one in the future
CKmbo720 Courtyard Living
CKmbo720 Courtyard Living 23 kun oldin
New subscriber awesome content 💪😎
Zane Taylor
Zane Taylor 23 kun oldin
The baby otter is very cute. I hope one day to have a lot of cool animals just like you.
Perkez 23 kun oldin
So close to 1mil! Respect the grind all the way to the top
Erica Spearman
Erica Spearman 23 kun oldin
Oli too stinky cute 🥰 for words
S. Wan
S. Wan 23 kun oldin
You can tell your mom loves this little guy so so much! Oliver is my favorite!
Timm TVz
Timm TVz 24 kun oldin
karrinas 24 kun oldin
he is beatiful , and learning so well . your mum pickedthe cutest present for him in the world . gooood rock choices and little pool for ollie
Nick Galante
Nick Galante 24 kun oldin
How did you get the permits to own all these animals? and what specific permits are required to own the otters
Julie Bruce
Julie Bruce 24 kun oldin
i am eleven
Salty_Dabs 24 kun oldin
Drop in glow in the dark golf balls and do a night swim. Don't for get to video it
Hans Franzen
Hans Franzen 24 kun oldin
Soooooooo cute!!!!! 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love of Pets
Love of Pets 24 kun oldin
Oliver is so adorable playing with those balls. I can't wait to see his huge pond.
Archit Dalmia
Archit Dalmia 24 kun oldin
Pls update on mata mata turtles
NWAquatics 24 kun oldin
Those rainbow rocks is all we got down here in Washington rivers
Kim Hellard
Kim Hellard 24 kun oldin
Mom video Oliver in chair
Salazars Exploring Florida
Salazars Exploring Florida 24 kun oldin
Love it! We love oli ❤️
Johann Dominic
Johann Dominic 24 kun oldin
Do you feed him live fish
Annie N
Annie N 24 kun oldin
Totally enjoyed watching olli thanks 😊
Vanishiny 24 kun oldin
man ollie was so happy of the new bathtub. but man he didnt want to go in first so u had to go in first wich was nice to see that he is so attached to u! gogo more videos!
Extreme Vonny
Extreme Vonny 24 kun oldin
You should lock your turtles and tortoises up
Jayden Barrientos
Jayden Barrientos 24 kun oldin
Paint the ceiling of that enclosure blue so the spiders dont make webs there
Jamy Long
Jamy Long 24 kun oldin
quite being rude to mom
Moha b official
Moha b official 24 kun oldin
Legend alweys legend
Cindy Willette
Cindy Willette 24 kun oldin
You should give him a ball in the waters down move the latter closer to the side
Growing jordon
Growing jordon 24 kun oldin
hey i saw the predator trap video..... you need to trap again yo..
Howe’s Life
Howe’s Life 24 kun oldin
Absolutely love these vids with Oliver. I need an Otter in my life. Doesn’t hurt that my son is named Oliver/Ollie. Ha
Adam Temple
Adam Temple 25 kun oldin
Super cool great video
Rashaad Scott
Rashaad Scott 25 kun oldin
You’re rude to your mom Blake! I caught that the way you was talking to her. Have some respect
Rashaad Scott
Rashaad Scott 25 kun oldin
I’m going to make different UZpost’s and get my friends to sub just so you can hit a million!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BLAKE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👍🏾👌🏾✌🏾🙈💁🏾😉
Rediculos SC
Rediculos SC 25 kun oldin
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Blake you should do some type of contest for your subscribers to win a visit to your ranch. Obviously it's not open to the public, but every so often it would be awesome to see a video of one of your followers win a chance to meet you and your ranch. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Theresa Grosscup
Theresa Grosscup 25 kun oldin
You should take Oliver to Paul cuffero big pond
Theresa Grosscup
Theresa Grosscup 25 kun oldin
It would be cool if you had another container to put in there. Then get the largest pipe and connect them together.
Vicente Stitt
Vicente Stitt 25 kun oldin
Blake thank you for my red foot.
April Gabriel Rodriguez
April Gabriel Rodriguez 25 kun oldin
Your mom's is freaking epic buying Oliver his own papason chair 😍 now imagine how great of a abuela she'll make 😉💗
#love it
#love it 18 kun oldin
Down bad. U look closer to his moms age too💀 go somewhere else
Stretch Money
Stretch Money 25 kun oldin
Why you dismiss your moms like that she was excited to see him in the chair she bought him lol
Darla Eisan
Darla Eisan 25 kun oldin
Let him go fishing in the new pool
Jenn Gomez
Jenn Gomez 25 kun oldin
How do you not have a million yet?
JuiceBeentrill 25 kun oldin
Kenya is so fine
Jheremia Holloway Mafia
Jheremia Holloway Mafia 25 kun oldin
If you sped just say dat! Lmao, and she tryna help you that’s what ya girl for to be there ! If you not ready for a dominant but helpful woman just say dat!
Blake: that's his old turtle kitty pool Dog: Its mine now
Riyaz Manandhar
Riyaz Manandhar 25 kun oldin
How about keeping fish in the tub and let him catch them
Cichlid Tanks
Cichlid Tanks 25 kun oldin
Amazing channel your work is appreciated Thank you for sharing❤️👍😃
Michelle Morningstar
Michelle Morningstar 25 kun oldin
Awe Love Oliver he so darn cute aww he little bed your mom bought is way too cute love it
Josh Hibbs
Josh Hibbs 25 kun oldin
SWEET VIDEO! Blake, I am not sure if you did this before with Oliver before but you can get a wiffle ball and put fish and other food in it and let Oliver try to get it out of the ball while he plays with it in the water. Some enrichment for him to get his food. 👍🏼
Michael Parry
Michael Parry 25 kun oldin
You should do a live stream over night on some of your animals
Melany Nunez
Melany Nunez 25 kun oldin
You missed an egg
Lyly Ezekiel
Lyly Ezekiel 25 kun oldin
he is having fun
Savo Ftorek
Savo Ftorek 25 kun oldin
#LIFEGOALS to be like you
Olivia H
Olivia H 25 kun oldin
Ollie is so adorable, the new tub looks so nice. Great job! Also get Blake to 1 million!!!
Gemma 25 kun oldin
Hi I just saw your video on zak's UZpost channel. Beautiful animales mijo thank you for sharing with us 😊🌮🌞
ItsObeySignzz 25 kun oldin
make him catch feeder fish
Agnes van Dijk
Agnes van Dijk 25 kun oldin
You can do some live fish in the pool for hunting.
Harry Doteeb
Harry Doteeb 25 kun oldin
Hi Blake
kerryann laws
kerryann laws 25 kun oldin
You should swim in the Aquascape ecosystem pond
kerryann laws
kerryann laws 25 kun oldin
The otter is so cuteeee
Jeroen Lamers
Jeroen Lamers 25 kun oldin
You should buy a highpressure watersprayer for cleaning all kinds of stuff. I have one and i use it all the time. Since you are on the ranch it could make quick and easy work of a lot of cleanings.
Gurusamy Soundaram
Gurusamy Soundaram 25 kun oldin
Make the bully puppies or big ones swim with Ollie
a_q_u_a_m_a_r_i_e 25 kun oldin
We LOVE Oliver !! We also love when you involve your girl and mum in your videos, such happy vibes & smiles from ya'll 💙👍
Jack Messenger
Jack Messenger 25 kun oldin
where is nugget?????????????????????????????????????????????
Brenda Shadley Shadley
Brenda Shadley Shadley 25 kun oldin
Put live 🐟 🐟 in there for him he really should be learning to catch his food.
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