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Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch

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Welcome to Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch
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Joshua Dill
Joshua Dill 17 soat oldin
Be nice to Kenya. Shes works very hard for you bro.
DrObi0us 20 soat oldin
what are you gonna do with louis? I imagine shes gonna need her own enclosure when she gets larger.
kilmuckridge100 Kun oldin
They are not guppies ffs 🙄
Gwendolyn Davis
Gwendolyn Davis 2 kun oldin
ForeverHate- 2 kun oldin
Who’s that girl?
Alice Is pre cool
Alice Is pre cool 2 kun oldin
That Caterpillars name is chu but some people call it papi and sometimes both. Like, chu papi!
Typical Milk __
Typical Milk __ 2 kun oldin
This man can be a whole Science teacher
Wallace Custodio
Wallace Custodio 3 kun oldin
Are you Brazilian Blake
Deontae Crumitie
Deontae Crumitie 3 kun oldin
we are only here for kenya lol
The hobby man 95
The hobby man 95 3 kun oldin
Hopefully team aquascape can come back to make a bigger gator enclosure
Ryan Scarponi
Ryan Scarponi 3 kun oldin
I like how they say they want to put more on this earth, yet he jumped like a little girl because they were going to bite him. Yeah exactly why would you want more on the earth, they are dinosaurs they will kill us why would you want more on this earth.
LawDawg 4 kun oldin
Looks like mollies
Dante Clausi
Dante Clausi 4 kun oldin
No, I don't know what kind of caterpillar species kind it is.
Dante Clausi
Dante Clausi 4 kun oldin
Na man, don't add fish in the enclosure.
Spot Audio
Spot Audio 4 kun oldin
Nah shorty a baddieeeee wtffff😩😩😩😩😩
A D 4 kun oldin
Shordy had a reaction for each time she was on camera
Dinosaur Playz
Dinosaur Playz 4 kun oldin
The clip is on me at 3:am
auniquename 4 kun oldin
Add fish to the pond so the gators can eat them🐊🐟🐠🐡
vernadine ann Buenaventura
vernadine ann Buenaventura 5 kun oldin
el bebo
el bebo 5 kun oldin
I would had used a shovel to take the gunk out.
SA4045 5 kun oldin
Ali Alabduljabbar
Ali Alabduljabbar 5 kun oldin
This guy deserves 1 million subscribers so let’s get him there like this message so blak can see
Julian Aaaa
Julian Aaaa 5 kun oldin
Great video!
BCB TV 5 kun oldin
I like your video
Kenya is so cute 😍😍😍
Vanoss Chansy
Vanoss Chansy 6 kun oldin
Do you have a pet like he’s pregnant and your name is The leather name is Bella can you help pregnant can you take care of it
adventure002006 6 kun oldin
I love watching the both of you working your ranch and interacting with all your birds, fish and animals. You are dreaming big and achieving those dreams.
DuckSlayer247 6 kun oldin
Bro who’s is this city slicker
Angel Murphy
Angel Murphy 6 kun oldin
I think yes
Denkic 6 kun oldin
11.25 Thad look in the middle
John Groves
John Groves 6 kun oldin
I enjoy the more untrimmed look but I do agree that you should let the trees grow, and you should be able to see the water
Karl Nufc
Karl Nufc 6 kun oldin
Just started watched watching this channel , love me it keep up the great work
Brecken Schmidgall
Brecken Schmidgall 7 kun oldin
Fun fact if someone starts their comment with fun fact they will read it
Luis Jr. Garcia
Luis Jr. Garcia 7 kun oldin
Kenya looks exactly like snackychann on TikTok😯
FactsNotFeelings 7 kun oldin
Blake is lucky you can tell these 3 women around him are good, fun people. Honestly he needs to relax a little more and learn to have some fun you can tell he is getting a little grumpy when the girls are playing around lol dont take life so serious bro
SodaPopper -_
SodaPopper -_ 7 kun oldin
“Fruit salad Yumi Yumi” if ya know ya know
John Albernaz
John Albernaz 7 kun oldin
Hay Blake I just added my wife to become a subscriber, next my two kids, and would love to see camera running in the enclosure, that would be way cool.
Nona Feroza
Nona Feroza 7 kun oldin
Hey bro do a video about Amazon parrots egg hatching pls
John Albernaz
John Albernaz 7 kun oldin
I tell you Kenya not afraid to work , I enjoy watching. Great job on that large pond
Hernan Jungo
Hernan Jungo 7 kun oldin
Can you show us a update on the parrots egg.
Johan Kjellberg
Johan Kjellberg 7 kun oldin
Thats is no guppies.. they are Mollys
Travar Cropper
Travar Cropper 7 kun oldin
Yea u should put fish in it
CMT ROYALS 7 kun oldin
#my dream life is doing what you do with animals love the videos man !!!
Lewis Mcnally
Lewis Mcnally 7 kun oldin
kenya got bundah
beau w
beau w 7 kun oldin
I don’t understand why this dude is so popular... He’s like the hustler of youtube. He never shuts up, so it seems like he knows what he’s doing but he really has no clue. “Fake it till you make it” non of these animals are habituated or trained and he just try’s to sell shit off. Super un-professional.
Adams Backcountry Living
Adams Backcountry Living 7 kun oldin
looking good Kenya and she is a hard worker
The Spiritaulality Family
The Spiritaulality Family 8 kun oldin
Much love and prosperity 🙏✨
idk what type of catpillar it is but theres one that can kill u if u touch it
UrAvgContent 8 kun oldin
Do more quail videos!!!!! Plz
Ken Fisk
Ken Fisk 8 kun oldin
Kenya is fine af..
Spencer Wilcox
Spencer Wilcox 8 kun oldin
Kenya fine tho
Mr T Builds
Mr T Builds 8 kun oldin
Cool video man get you a shop vac for that last little bit of nasty water and dirt and you can just dump it right out and works great!!
Kit 8 kun oldin
I think that’s a fall army worm 10:11
NI_ CK 8 kun oldin
Why does it seem that Kenya and Cassandra are arguing wit each other
Tareka Karriem
Tareka Karriem 8 kun oldin
Gator are cool
Tareka Karriem
Tareka Karriem 8 kun oldin
Gator are cool
Tareka Karriem
Tareka Karriem 8 kun oldin
Gator are cool
Blackberry juice
Blackberry juice 8 kun oldin
Wait till they get bigger.. recipe for disaster 😅
Blackberry juice
Blackberry juice 8 kun oldin
He using his gf for free labor
Lewis Montana
Lewis Montana 8 kun oldin
Kenya is hot. Can we see more of her?
Annija Grundmane
Annija Grundmane 8 kun oldin
Happy early easter!🥰🥚
Alondra Morales
Alondra Morales 8 kun oldin
You should put fish for that it can be more cool
Connor Carr
Connor Carr 8 kun oldin
I live in the UK and youre still the best out of every youtuber
Connor Carr
Connor Carr 8 kun oldin
Its also my berthday
Connor Carr
Connor Carr 8 kun oldin
Where is the alpacas gon
a_q_u_a_m_a_r_i_e 8 kun oldin
Ya videos are Great Blake 👍, but its ● Definately more entertaining involving Kenya, Cassandra & your mum in them . Longer videos & better content for everyone!
5ive 5tar
5ive 5tar 8 kun oldin
5.46 she doin too much kmt 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jarrell Allen
Jarrell Allen 8 kun oldin
Those are not guppies... and nor is that environment big enough for them.. should be bigger than the age stated... just saying
Naim Mirza
Naim Mirza 8 kun oldin
Kenya is too beautiful,owsome,sexy,hot. Is is so amazing I want to talk with her.
Rs3 187
Rs3 187 8 kun oldin
Don’t get your toes dirty Kenya lol
Hallie Honeycutt
Hallie Honeycutt 8 kun oldin
Love the longer videos
billy _
billy _ 9 kun oldin
A lot of people comment on how Blake talks but don't acknowledge how much he knows.
Aaron Vaughan
Aaron Vaughan 9 kun oldin
Need to go live one day so we can ask y’all questions
GoldFish Ninja
GoldFish Ninja 9 kun oldin
I’m here for the girlfriend.
J.M.M —
J.M.M — 9 kun oldin
Hi Blake I am a big fan yours
Young Jesuz
Young Jesuz 9 kun oldin
I like these longer videos
Yonatan Cohen
Yonatan Cohen 9 kun oldin
Is she your girlfriend?
Josh Se
Josh Se 9 kun oldin
So what we have here checks that sweet booty....iiiiiissss...
Billy May
Billy May 9 kun oldin
Kenya is such a good ranch girl. Love the vids guys
John Berdin
John Berdin 9 kun oldin
Other little friends 🤨
Tacoria Valentine
Tacoria Valentine 9 kun oldin
Its gonna be a blue and black butterfly
Micke Haglund
Micke Haglund 9 kun oldin
I’m actually surprised that he can make that mistake of a mollie being a guppy?!
Adam Temple
Adam Temple 9 kun oldin
Great videos keep up the good work
King Eagle Eagles
King Eagle Eagles 9 kun oldin
Add fish
jack sparrow
jack sparrow 9 kun oldin
Why guys always gotta perves smh
Edwin G Torres
Edwin G Torres 9 kun oldin
Want some Kenya b
Preston Becnel
Preston Becnel 9 kun oldin
When she says fruit salad yummy yummy look down plays it again 5 times
Armando Santiago
Armando Santiago 9 kun oldin
yeah Blake "handburger" , "HAMBURGER" "samething" lmao
gym_shark918 On IG
gym_shark918 On IG 9 kun oldin
Air bags like the guy had in texas saved his house from floods. There's a company that designs them specifically for your needs and they surround your property
Fatih Cavdar
Fatih Cavdar 9 kun oldin
brett webster
brett webster 9 kun oldin
Look at the tummy
brett webster
brett webster 9 kun oldin
Do not put a fish into the pond
Kris Garrison
Kris Garrison 9 kun oldin
Lol 😂🤣 "the ALLERGY MARK" inside the pond instead of ALGAE. He cracks me up with his misinterpretations.🤣😂
Greg Lops
Greg Lops 9 kun oldin
Kenya is cheat code to get to 1 million faster. I see you 👀 blake
Maricio Irish
Maricio Irish 9 kun oldin
What make u make a ranch
Mrs Emily Survivor
Mrs Emily Survivor 9 kun oldin
Loves all his videos . Best part is I share the same birthday as Blake .
Jataya Locklear
Jataya Locklear 9 kun oldin
Y did he say scuse out of my way instead excuse me
YOJIT RATHOD 9 kun oldin
Make a whole video on Kenya
Joey isamazing
Joey isamazing 9 kun oldin
Why didn’t you take all that sediment out at the end. It would have taken like 5 minutes with a broom and small shovel to get it all out and make the water so much cleaner
Neelesh Shukla
Neelesh Shukla 9 kun oldin
I look at Kenya In whole vdo...she Is Tooo cute 😘 love from India
Neelesh Shukla
Neelesh Shukla 7 kun oldin
@DZG DZG thnq...By the way where u from dear?
DZG DZG 7 kun oldin
Of course you indian
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