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Welcome to Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch
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Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Kun oldin
air head gf
traxson gaming
traxson gaming 2 kun oldin
where can i find a cheap exotic bully
Jays Everlast
Jays Everlast 4 kun oldin
You need that bullsace blood #bullsaceline gets you paid
kymani Williams
kymani Williams 7 kun oldin
He right about the bed
Jarrell Allen
Jarrell Allen 7 kun oldin
They rip the beds up due to not enough attention and interaction... need a bigger space... way more than most of your animals
Adams Backcountry Living
Adams Backcountry Living 7 kun oldin
Blake need to put a ring on that dam
Marcial Martinez
Marcial Martinez 8 kun oldin
Doing that would be dope and more space for the garage .
Patricia Brown
Patricia Brown 8 kun oldin
Hi Blake how many dogs do u have now 🐶🐶🐶
Edmar emil caballes
Edmar emil caballes 8 kun oldin
you're dog is cute and adorable 🥰🥰🥰
Jefferson Bernas
Jefferson Bernas 8 kun oldin
Give me one exotic bully thats my dream dog.. im here in the philippines😂😂
surfbot 9 kun oldin
Get a squeegee.
Elleah Floyd
Elleah Floyd 10 kun oldin
My bully chews up beds too. We use blankets! They last so so much longer
Chetan Mandal
Chetan Mandal 11 kun oldin
I need exotic bully in india can you ship
divy patel
divy patel 11 kun oldin
Breed name? Please
Mell Blunt
Mell Blunt 13 kun oldin
use towels bro cheap and can be used for multiple things cleaning beds and bath time
janeda patridge
janeda patridge 13 kun oldin
that is a good idea about the cages
rickyobein012340 14 kun oldin
I bet he's moving tons of cocaine
Kimberly Bradford
Kimberly Bradford 15 kun oldin
Why isnt the black puppy’s ears cut
jump in the Cadillac
jump in the Cadillac 14 kun oldin
the buyer probaly didn’t want them cropped
Nicole Napoles
Nicole Napoles 16 kun oldin
My dad is looking for a girl I want one so bad
Humrien Nuriyah Nunez Castillo
Humrien Nuriyah Nunez Castillo 17 kun oldin
Mikey G
Mikey G 18 kun oldin
No cap bruh all yo cages need go my opinion. Hmu outrageous bullies on ig get ya a better cage for the dogs
jhanvier rongavilla
jhanvier rongavilla 19 kun oldin
Mr. Blake can I have that fantastic exotic bully 😂
J 20 kun oldin
Thanks for showing this. Fr it shows all the work that goes into it. Plus gives ppl an idea of what to do
The queen Tianna Jones
The queen Tianna Jones 21 kun oldin
Steven McCarthy
Steven McCarthy 21 kun oldin
We have american bull dogs and they ripped there beds but if they do use a blanket i work i promise
Violet sun 234
Violet sun 234 22 kun oldin
My dogs ripped up their beds as well,so I use blankets instead and it works flawlessly
Marquez Bullies
Marquez Bullies 22 kun oldin
Are your dogs ABKC?
elisha james
elisha james 22 kun oldin
Blake how you does breed those bullies
Lars Vegas
Lars Vegas 22 kun oldin
first of all they rip those beds up because they bored af in those little cages... u shouldnt keep dogs in cages like that... not even for the night... ive kept dogs for 35 years never owned a cage... what ur doing is animal cruelty.. like i get they get out.. like for 30 minutes every day.. sure... thats like a lifetime imprisonment for them.. its bolt physicallty and mentally unhealthy for those animals..
Cxmpcombos Xo
Cxmpcombos Xo 23 kun oldin
how much is monybag
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson 23 kun oldin
Those dogs are an abomination . They should not be bred
Davante Anderson
Davante Anderson 24 kun oldin
I had to wait 4 years to get that kind of dog
Archie Brooks
Archie Brooks 24 kun oldin
I wanna buy one
Rashaad Scott
Rashaad Scott 25 kun oldin
Yeah double the cages on top.
Rashaad Scott
Rashaad Scott 25 kun oldin
That puppy definitely was bread wrong his nose and face is messed up.
Rashaad Scott
Rashaad Scott 25 kun oldin
I love Kenya 🇰🇪 omg she’s a keeper for sure.
Richa Queen of Luxe
Richa Queen of Luxe 25 kun oldin
Love his channel but he should stop breeding his dogs
The Light
The Light 25 kun oldin
Cool bro I always gave u guys a 👍 always thanks for the videos
Kainalu Ah Chong
Kainalu Ah Chong 25 kun oldin
hey brotha I’m just going for a long shot here. what’s the lowest you’d go for a pup? it ain’t gotta be the best one of the litter I ain’t picky. you were the one to get me hooked and obsessed with exotics. Such cute, cool, amazing, small, bada$$ dogs in one lol. but yeah I’m just curious what’s the lowest you would sell one for...?😅 probably no answer but shii worth a shot right?😂 but much love from Hawaii my brotha and love whatchu doin keep it up and can’t wait to see what comes next for you. best of wishes and luck to you brotha ☝🏽
Isabella Graves
Isabella Graves 25 kun oldin
I have the same problem with my dogs so use blankets instead
Arezic E
Arezic E 25 kun oldin
there should be a law for unethical dog breeding such as this. Inbreeding is wrong.
Richa Queen of Luxe
Richa Queen of Luxe 25 kun oldin
That’s what I’m saying like he should stop breeding his dogs because it’s affecting all breeds from shelters, breeding homes and everything
Richa Queen of Luxe
Richa Queen of Luxe 25 kun oldin
That’s what I’m saying like he should stop breeding his dogs because it’s affecting all breeds from shelters, breeding homes and everything
MrAllen 26 kun oldin
I need a pup
Flako Gonzalez
Flako Gonzalez 26 kun oldin
Idea get your own house
Flako Gonzalez
Flako Gonzalez 26 kun oldin
Some ugly ass exotics they can't even breath right
Catch This Fishkeeper
Catch This Fishkeeper 26 kun oldin
Good reality check for those who just see pets through the other side of the glass. Takes a lot of work and time. Great episode!
Brandon Andrews
Brandon Andrews 26 kun oldin
It's ok I don't need get your dog and there's those online
Brandon Andrews
Brandon Andrews 26 kun oldin
My dog passaway
tyreel Vargas
tyreel Vargas 26 kun oldin
If u do find a bed for ur dogs can u make sure u tag them or sum Bc I need tha same for my dog I can’t even give him toys and he tears it up n less then 10 min even the rubber toys
Frei Michel
Frei Michel 26 kun oldin
make them real kennels you have so many space :) but nice looking bullys
Joseph Paul Francisco
Joseph Paul Francisco 26 kun oldin
Where's nugget?
Luu Nguyen
Luu Nguyen 26 kun oldin
ThePokéDudes 26 kun oldin
Awesome idea for the kennels bro keep up the fire work 🔥❤️
Juggy 27 kun oldin
Dam giagi baby’s dam bro u got something great ahead of you 👍👍
Adam Temple
Adam Temple 27 kun oldin
Super cool great video
Natalia Bradford
Natalia Bradford 27 kun oldin
I can't keep beds in my kennels either. Not until I can afford to try out one of the K9 Ballistic beds. And for getting water out of the kennel you should try out one of the floor Squeegee. I know they work wonders and gets more water quicker which is less drying time too.
Jenny M.
Jenny M. 27 kun oldin
Try k9 ballistic crew proof armored crate bed.
Tyler vanmarrnm
Tyler vanmarrnm 27 kun oldin
You should keep them
Graeme Mercer
Graeme Mercer 27 kun oldin
When will you do an avairy update video
Fortnite Rosario
Fortnite Rosario 27 kun oldin
Bark box dog bed
Spydog006 Gaming
Spydog006 Gaming 27 kun oldin
My pitty pet hadnt been destroyed yet been 2 years made tough will send it
Spydog006 Gaming
Spydog006 Gaming 27 kun oldin
Do you have a outdoor pen for them
Damian Nino
Damian Nino 27 kun oldin
Dude your just the best I wish I met u in person I love how you take care of your family and your animals I wish we could me I said this like 1000 times your just the best
Ms. Tenley
Ms. Tenley 27 kun oldin
Mannnn Kenya is so amazing
Tara Omar
Tara Omar 27 kun oldin
Do it
Joe Nolan
Joe Nolan 27 kun oldin
Forget the bullies. Can I adopt Kenya😍
Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson 27 kun oldin
Like a puppy mill
brittany galan
brittany galan 28 kun oldin
I have 10 bands for my little doggie for the girl and her name is Susie please send me one of those dogs everyone one and my dog just died he named with chunky he was a boy we mustn't so so much and you can just just grab me another dog please
Zion Jones
Zion Jones 28 kun oldin
What kind of dog are they
Papa oniit bully Camp
Papa oniit bully Camp 28 kun oldin
Great job man.. many blessings from papa oniit bully camp.. check us out bro🙏
Eric Djojosemito
Eric Djojosemito 28 kun oldin
Love jor kne ja
Thelma Hall
Thelma Hall 28 kun oldin
I agree with you. Animals are a lot of work.
Joanna Garcia
Joanna Garcia 28 kun oldin
IRRESPONSIBLE BREEDING. He’s breeding DEFORMED dogs by trying to breed them to be more compact!!! It’s like dwarfism in a human. It causes PAIN and DISCOMFORT for the dogs on their spines and joints and all this for what he “thinks” looks good. Blake you need to do research and understand the muscle skeletal system as well as many other things before breeding and caring for these animals! Shame on you. I’m not just being a hater but these are facts. Many of these animals suffer due to his ignorance. If you love them like you say you do and, I genuinely believe you do, do your research! That like black dog Prada (?) has a severe slope in her spine and should not be bred! It’s only going to get worse the bigger she gets as weight will pull it down more. Then, you want to add extra weight by having her carry a litter of puppies for 63 days!?!?! This will cause severe pain for her and spinal pain is no joke. Only to make you money. Sad. I really don’t mean to just be a hater but I am a true dog/ animal lover and will always speak up for those without a voice. It’s just wrong and I really hope you reconsider what you’re doing. I run a bully breed rescue and see the aftermath of what people like you do for the all nighty dollar.
bully_mag _ire
bully_mag _ire 27 kun oldin
Enough said agree with you💯
KING ALI JR 28 kun oldin
Dude I just subed because he loves animals and I do too. His ranch is honestly like a zoo
Janjan Tilano
Janjan Tilano 28 kun oldin
I have one...
Alexi Tselentis
Alexi Tselentis 28 kun oldin
Why not just build a normal conventional style outdoor kennel ?
Kris Garrison
Kris Garrison 28 kun oldin
Is that Lavender Fabuloso good for the dogs?😀
Mika-eel Williams
Mika-eel Williams 28 kun oldin
Are you going to breed moneybag
Padmavati Mata
Padmavati Mata 28 kun oldin
Blake plz make a vidio on buying red tail i love them plz btw i really hope u get 1 million congrats on 919k subs❤😃😎👍🏿
dave parry
dave parry 28 kun oldin
MAN you need a SQUEEGEE not a broom to get the water out after cleaning
godofyouall489 28 kun oldin
That little grey puppy is so adorable. Would love to have him....her. lol whatever it's gender
Melissa Newingham
Melissa Newingham 28 kun oldin
I use odoban. I get from home depot. I found when I worked in a nursing home. The best cleaner you will find. And the clean smell won't just go away in 30 min. I had 7 dachshunds at 1 time and my house don't smell like dog. 😂
Sandoval X33
Sandoval X33 28 kun oldin
So I been watching for a while now and from the start I thought that his girl was his sister dude
Omar Ramirez
Omar Ramirez 28 kun oldin
Why didn’t you crop her ears
Tommie Moore
Tommie Moore 29 kun oldin
Sorry it is speld dominat blue bullys
Tommie Moore
Tommie Moore 29 kun oldin
My dad is a dog breeder he is domanit blue bull's you follow on Instagram
Taylin Malolo
Taylin Malolo 29 kun oldin
Is it just me or do they look kinda weird 😬
Antuan Rowe
Antuan Rowe 29 kun oldin
You need to make a couple channel
_jxnathann 29 kun oldin
That girl kinda cute
Hanz DaGamer
Hanz DaGamer 29 kun oldin
so cool dude
Joey Cruz
Joey Cruz 29 kun oldin
Kenya. Best looking girlfriend on UZpost. You go Blizzy Blake💪💪
Sandra Gutierrez
Sandra Gutierrez 29 kun oldin
So cute 😍💓
Pet Palace
Pet Palace 29 kun oldin
I love Blake’s channel and his pets but I don’t think it’s fair the dogs are in crates just locked up dogs need constant stimulation and need to be entertained! Not trying to hate as I love his channel but just feel bad for the dogs :(
Kwezzy 29 kun oldin
Man people really don’t know or understand bullies. They are dogs that can’t be in the heat and be outside 24/7. They have breathing and skin issues. Also they like to chew up beds. I brought my dog about 10 beds and literally almost didn’t make it 5 days.
Maria Noyola
Maria Noyola 29 kun oldin
Oof ikr
Arcade Kaos
Arcade Kaos 29 kun oldin
It's insane how cute they are🤗💯👌
Jasper The North Pole Project
Jasper The North Pole Project 29 kun oldin
My boy blake with the fabuloso 💪💪💪
black arrow
black arrow 29 kun oldin
no because. what if the cage breaks
matt davis
matt davis 29 kun oldin
👍 for kenya
RedSkit 29 kun oldin
You should put turf on their crates instead of putting beds if you put turf very unlikely that they will rip it up
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith 29 kun oldin
Loved the video blake! Don’t listen to any of these comments, people with real common sense know your amazing! ❤️❤️
Beth Lewis
Beth Lewis 29 kun oldin
What aboutyour other dogs in the other building as I never see them on any vlogs let only outside to play as they are kennels all u care about is the bullies
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