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Today we fed my pet lizard a squirrel! Unfortunately my pet dogs had got it and I did not want it to go to waist so, I fed it to my lizard plus a full feeding tour of all our reptiles!
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Jayde Cuddy
Jayde Cuddy Kun oldin
I i,am new
Andi Dang
Andi Dang Kun oldin
IDK it's a little disgusting to feed animals dead or alive animals. I stopped eating meat long ago I love animal and eating them grossed me out.. IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS CALLED PETS , WHY EAT ANIMALS CALLED DINNER? IN THE WILD THE HUNTED HAVE A CHANCE TO ESCAPE ..... BUT NOT WHEN IN TANKS AND CAGES..,,, SORRY NOT YELLING AND NOT LECTURING YOU.... I LOVE YOUR RANCH AND YOUR PETS.....
Alicia Morales
Alicia Morales 2 kun oldin
Ded baby squirel haha lol
Vinodh K
Vinodh K 2 kun oldin
It is nice 👌😍😍
Aiden's Channel
Aiden's Channel 6 kun oldin
Ryan Dunn - Consultant
Ryan Dunn - Consultant 6 kun oldin
It seems every video is better than the previous one! All good, all the time!
Gus Fring
Gus Fring 8 kun oldin
That tegu is obese
Octavia Celestia
Octavia Celestia 9 kun oldin
That's a ivory ball python
Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell 9 kun oldin
Blake I will buy the Leucitic ball python and Children python from you if you’re not really a snake guy.
Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell 9 kun oldin
Hey man, you look like you do a great job with most of your animals but those snake enclosures could use some work. Blacking out 3 sides of the glass and adding more cludder to reduce stress. Also, they definitely could use a little larder of enclosures.
Sirenity Johnson
Sirenity Johnson 10 kun oldin
blake do you have a hognose snake
Adien Gardner
Adien Gardner 10 kun oldin
It is a albino snake
102_ Animals
102_ Animals 11 kun oldin
i love this channel but please just take advice from some of these coments about upgrading the snake cage
tromboneplaying and diamond painting
tromboneplaying and diamond painting 11 kun oldin
cheyenne ryan
cheyenne ryan 12 kun oldin
show more of your owl blake
Maddison Gwydir
Maddison Gwydir 12 kun oldin
I had a spotted phython named spotto
Maddison Gwydir
Maddison Gwydir 12 kun oldin
When you try to tell the gender look at their tail if it's long and pointy it's a girl but if it's short and stubby it's a boy.
Bennett! !
Bennett! ! 13 kun oldin
Sorry dude, but yeah those snake tanks are EXTREMELY small- don't get me wrong- I love what you're doing- The snakes just needs LOTS more of enrichment and hides- ya know- more room for it to stretch.
Esther Rose Mckay - Croswell
Esther Rose Mckay - Croswell 13 kun oldin
You are an amazing young man I love what you do. Before I got sick I wanted to do what you do .keep up your amazing work and keep up your love for animals you are amazing .
Renee Lee Mintun
Renee Lee Mintun 13 kun oldin
Why your Albino Snake doesn’t has pink eyes 👀? Should fired your CameraMan for being clumsy. 😇😇😇😇😇 you’re amazing exotic animal caretaker! Thank you 🙏🏻 very much for sharing
Steven Hall
Steven Hall 14 kun oldin
This is Louie, SHES my little SPECTACLED GATOR!?? I love it ,sometimes Blake your mind is running faster then your mouth can keep up with, that's why you say these funny things at times!
Mbuso Mvelase
Mbuso Mvelase 14 kun oldin
The lizard
Mbuso Mvelase
Mbuso Mvelase 14 kun oldin
I think you should give it to the raww fam
Rik Broekhuis
Rik Broekhuis 14 kun oldin
donate the monitors to kamp kenan
Cristian Piccinno
Cristian Piccinno 14 kun oldin
The white Ball Python Morph is called BLUE EYED LEUCISTIC.
AJ 187
AJ 187 14 kun oldin
I need more videos of Godzilla!
John Benedict Garcia
John Benedict Garcia 14 kun oldin
Omg u have a aligator
Randy Sevilla
Randy Sevilla 14 kun oldin
you lose brain cells hearing Blake speak
Corey Klassic
Corey Klassic 14 kun oldin
Dude 3rd snake isn't a boa, it's a Stimson python from Australia, only reason I know this is coz I breed them myself
Bic_ itssam GTA 5
Bic_ itssam GTA 5 14 kun oldin
Bic_ itssam GTA 5
Bic_ itssam GTA 5 14 kun oldin
Dennis roots
Dennis roots 14 kun oldin
Hey blake would you be aloud to get a pet Murray cod fish from Australia
Zab Escobedo
Zab Escobedo 14 kun oldin
Ball pythons actually prefer smaller places because it makes them feel safer but I still agreed they do need a upgrade but I wouldn't say it's an urgent issue... but I'm not a professional so that's just some of my 2cents
Erika Llamado
Erika Llamado 15 kun oldin
Why don’t you give the monitor to kamp kanan
Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty 15 kun oldin
22:00 Squirrel feeding time Thank me later
rana magar
rana magar 15 kun oldin
So bad😠squirrel also have life and other animal also .
Jessica Patterson
Jessica Patterson 15 kun oldin
The red lizards face when he paused 😂
Felicia Harris
Felicia Harris 15 kun oldin
Whatever happened to Hot Sauce?
glyn sillifant
glyn sillifant 15 kun oldin
The snakes look like there in hibanation
Adam Temple
Adam Temple 15 kun oldin
Love the birds super cool
Janie Marquez
Janie Marquez 15 kun oldin
Hi Blake I love watching your videos I enjoy your knowledge you have regarding all your animals. I’m not a Snake expert but I do agree with a lot of the comments that have been left. Your snake containers are too small for your snakes. I follow a lot of other channels that have snakes and compared to what you have I feel you need to update your containers for your snakes and their enrichment .Love watching you
George Newton
George Newton 15 kun oldin
Hey can you hmu and help me with learning about otters cuz I'm looking into getting one
Harry Doteeb
Harry Doteeb 15 kun oldin
Guys please let get Blake million describe
oat TYLER 15 kun oldin
Blake set up the snake racks for baby turtles and tortoises mice and rats may have a harder time getting in and you can fit a ton in there
akiro zunbetsu
akiro zunbetsu 15 kun oldin
They looked interested, chances are you just needed there prey to be hotter
bethany harvey
bethany harvey 15 kun oldin
She looks albino
David Sagastume
David Sagastume 16 kun oldin
Wack ass merch
felix pabon
felix pabon 16 kun oldin
So where is nugget
doeyhb 16 kun oldin
snow white snake is beautiful
Love Dealer
Love Dealer 16 kun oldin
Wish I was this kids brother
Hooked TV
Hooked TV 16 kun oldin
Where's hot sauce
Jonah Smith
Jonah Smith 16 kun oldin
Blake dude please do some research before getting a snake man those enclosures are pitiful
Elliot Perez
Elliot Perez 16 kun oldin
Was waiting for these video awesome 👌
Decarlos H
Decarlos H 16 kun oldin
Can Joey just film Instead of trying to direct and talk ugh
Tom akirie
Tom akirie 16 kun oldin
Snow White is a black eyed Lucy. Beautyfull snake ✌️
Lowkey Fontelio
Lowkey Fontelio 16 kun oldin
That is really cool
Smith Playz15
Smith Playz15 16 kun oldin
Not trying to be rude/hate on you and it’s probably bc you’re not a snake guy so u know less about the care than the other animals on the ranch but those ball pythons REALLY need upgrades bc those tanks, water bowls, and hides are way too small for them. A minimum size tank for a ball python is a 40 gallon breeder and a water bowl for all snakes should be at least big enough to have the entire snake fill the bottom of it. Then the hides need to big enough for the ball python to be snug inside of it
Sonam Kalpoe
Sonam Kalpoe 16 kun oldin
Omg I love him so much guys I'm 9 Im a kid so ya I'm still yong but I like him like he is so cool and animals like what so many animal but ya blakes ansonemerangh ok by
Samantha Martinez
Samantha Martinez 16 kun oldin
Those tanks are too small for those snakes
Samantha Martinez
Samantha Martinez 16 kun oldin
I think it is a high white ball python also boy snake have a long Kenny tail and girls have short and thick tail🐍
Karen Elkins
Karen Elkins 16 kun oldin
Maybe Kamp Kenan would be interested in the Lizards.
kole thompson
kole thompson 16 kun oldin
Blake you should get a pair of cackling geese
Austin Osterbind
Austin Osterbind 16 kun oldin
White snake is more than likely an ivory. Looked to have a yellowish stripe down the back. Black eyed leucistics are solid white with occasionally a grey head.
Xavier Haggan
Xavier Haggan 16 kun oldin
Man I commend you, that looks like so much work. Dope video💯
Mary Melni
Mary Melni 16 kun oldin
Great combo between you and the cameraman!!!
#love it
#love it 16 kun oldin
Blake, I know u see the comments, and u should respond💁🏽‍♀️Bc not responding makes it worse. If your not a snake guy don’t keep snakes, Bc your snake cages don’t even reach the bare minimum 😬 and we all know you can do better
just hanood?
just hanood? 10 kun oldin
That’s what I was thinking
Mary Melni
Mary Melni 16 kun oldin
They are in small cages. You could come up with something amazing for inexpensive! They aren’t living their “best lives” yet!
Mary Melni
Mary Melni 16 kun oldin
I enjoy seeing how you keep your animals! Please upgrade your snakes are in way too small
Johnathan Lollar
Johnathan Lollar 16 kun oldin
Do you think paul cuffaro should get a emu for his farm
mr.BigShot 16 kun oldin
They be using Joey for everything yoo😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
Bindi's Creative Crafting by Bindi Salton
Bindi's Creative Crafting by Bindi Salton 16 kun oldin
Yes.. it's a black eyed lucistic (Lucy for short)... The enclosures are fine for now.. a little more greenery might be nice... But they actually prefer enclosures a on the smaller size.. they feel safer.. just make sure they have a good sized water bowl and it doesn't hurt to give them a nice soak for half hour or so every other week if the can't have a bigger bowl... Your doing good hun and you know some of the best snake guys already to reach out to
Eric Boisjolie
Eric Boisjolie 16 kun oldin
You really need to get heat lamps for those snakes
Ethan Base
Ethan Base 16 kun oldin
He's beautiful. I think you're a really nice guy that I've met on UZpost that keeps all these animals.🙂🙂🙂
Eric Boisjolie
Eric Boisjolie 16 kun oldin
Its a luecistic. Theres a normal luecistic and theres also a blue eyed luecistic aka a BEL
johnnie green
johnnie green 16 kun oldin
I would love more VIDEOS on ur small monitor lizard
Randy Hauser
Randy Hauser 16 kun oldin
Hey Blake i really like the stuff you do. And usualy i enjoy your inclosures a lot but the 2 snake tank are way too small sry bro 💔
Jay Breezy
Jay Breezy 16 kun oldin
Blake in mission impossible
octavious pennamon
octavious pennamon 16 kun oldin
It’s a blue or black eye Lucy
Frankie Garcia jr
Frankie Garcia jr 16 kun oldin
You should get Godzilla a partner
CHILLI:S YT 16 kun oldin
too small cages for the boas
Jackie Rosales
Jackie Rosales 16 kun oldin
9:20 give it to kamp kenan
muhd hafiidz
muhd hafiidz 16 kun oldin
So much movement on camera make me disease sorry man
wolfpup1022 16 kun oldin
Black Eyed Lucy,,,,,,
Jamie Mathews
Jamie Mathews 16 kun oldin
No heat mats. Mulch for bedding. Tiny tanks bro I know you love your animals but gheez treat them a bit better.. and feeding dead animals I mean who knows what they could of died from then your giving them to ya pets lol great vid though mate..
Karen Cook
Karen Cook 16 kun oldin
Hope you don’t have
Karen Cook
Karen Cook 16 kun oldin
Hope that more poor squirrels aren’t caught by your dogs.
Brian Gries
Brian Gries 16 kun oldin
Time for u to build 2 inch thick cement 4 ft tall enclosure for ur tegu. Got to love fwc
Rick Phung
Rick Phung 16 kun oldin
Damn that’s crazy that didn’t you just get that mangrove monitor recently and it’s already going ?
Kim Sullivan
Kim Sullivan 16 kun oldin
Why keep something for it to just sit in a cage? He just said that he couldn't spend as much time with it. If he thinks it's best to re-home it, so be it. It was a rescue situation. That's what you do in rescue.
Chupapi Araw gabi
Chupapi Araw gabi 16 kun oldin
I think your ranch is like a zoo😊 you should adopt some bears, lions, and tigers😂
Amanda Mandigo
Amanda Mandigo 16 kun oldin
Its a childrens python not a childrens boa just so ya know lol And yeah its a black eyed leucistic ball python and the other looked to be a normal ball python. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure I'm correct lol.
Eric Boisjolie
Eric Boisjolie 16 kun oldin
Yes you are there's a black eyed and blue eyed
Gursirat Zaildar
Gursirat Zaildar 16 kun oldin
The snakes have very small enrichment and that is too small. They ere suffering. Please change that tank. Copy and paste as much as you can bc they need a big home and this is not for me it's for the snakes.
Gursirat Zaildar
Gursirat Zaildar 16 kun oldin
But why a BABY squirrel
Brittney Robertson
Brittney Robertson 16 kun oldin
Blake came a long way... everything looks gud... A small zoo behind his own house.... I'm loving it...
bazzingaification 16 kun oldin
I love Godzilla as if he were my own son ! Haha. This video made me so happy. I remember in the poll a while back I said I wanted more tours and to see Godzilla. You tryna make me love you even more bruh ? Haha . Keep it up bro ! Much love !❤
tewfed. drock
tewfed. drock 16 kun oldin
Marty fye🔥🤣
lazo LL4
lazo LL4 16 kun oldin
Maegelas 16 kun oldin
Nice camera
Ninja31AR 16 kun oldin
Im a squirl lover😠😠😠
Geeta Kadge
Geeta Kadge 16 kun oldin
They got stucked😂😂😂
Andy Nicastro
Andy Nicastro 16 kun oldin
i luv that bird lmaoo
Marlena Sweeney
Marlena Sweeney 16 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing your reptiles!! Dope video
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