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Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch

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Welcome to Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch
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Deb Nelson
Deb Nelson Kun oldin
Yes I think that’s all freaking cool. Only problem you need to dig a freaking deeper hole for that last tree! By about a foot and a half
Hamish Perring
Hamish Perring 3 kun oldin
That tree is gonna die cuz it’s roots aren’t in the ground and once it grows it’s just going to fall over in the pond and cause problems
Amy Addison
Amy Addison 5 kun oldin
Blake I really enjoy your videos but I think your slightly rude to Kenya. Does anyone else think I’m wrong? You just kinda talk down to her sometimes and I think it’s wrong. Remember this ranch is what you wanted she may not be as in love with it as you are. She may be helping to be with you and help build your dream so have a little patience with her. She’s so sweet
Christian Stender
Christian Stender 8 kun oldin
Can someone please explain to me what a “shrinkle” is? Lmaooo
Dylgertrischel 9 kun oldin
brant goose
Luis Maia
Luis Maia 9 kun oldin
Does anyone got Kenya Instagram? 😁😁
Prat Kayas
Prat Kayas 12 kun oldin
Use neem oil as pesticide 100% natural and 100% efficient 100% safe
mari shields
mari shields 12 kun oldin
Kenya needs to be honestly happy because she never sounds happy. If she refuses then NEVER HAVE HER ON CAMERA!!!!! Kenya also needs a brain ( where do they come from an in caterpillars) duh outside with outside plants. She needs to go back to sch
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 14 kun oldin
The best way to deal with plants being eaten is biodiversity and abundance.
Eddy Madera
Eddy Madera 14 kun oldin
Nettapus auritus pygmy goose
Haakon Strøm
Haakon Strøm 14 kun oldin
I hope that you dont take animals from the wild, but are raised and noen in captivity😩😔
Duck king
Duck king 14 kun oldin
I like ducks
Kimberly Bradford
Kimberly Bradford 14 kun oldin
Put the 🐛 caterpillar in a container and feed them to your lizards and snakes and fish
EL’REAL’G. PONCE 15 kun oldin
Blade get the caterpillars grow them out to butterflies and let them go right back into the Aviara so they could fly around real pretty I cannot turn on enclosure butterflies all around there
Anthony Griffith
Anthony Griffith 15 kun oldin
“Calepillars” 😂😂
O.G. Aurther Morgan
O.G. Aurther Morgan 15 kun oldin
Dam what a tweeker
Delia Vidal
Delia Vidal 16 kun oldin
The aviary build is my favorite in this channel❤️❤️❤️🦆🦆
buster buster
buster buster 16 kun oldin
Ima take a guess and say the goose is an African pygmy goose
Elliot Perez
Elliot Perez 16 kun oldin
Get some frogs they eat the bugs when you put up the enclosure
Swisher Sweet
Swisher Sweet 16 kun oldin
“calerpillars” lol
Ty Gorinski
Ty Gorinski 16 kun oldin
Yep spread out your plants. Especially trees give them room to grow to a decent size before they start competing for light. It drives me nuts the house I just bought, the guy before me planted really nice pear and apple trees, but planted them way too close. They’re okay trees still but they grew really weird and twisted and branched out oddly because the had to fight each other for light as they grew. Not too mention they’re a bitch to mow around.
bo burnhamm
bo burnhamm 16 kun oldin
You don't have to kill them that's gust nature let it be :)
Rediculos SC
Rediculos SC 16 kun oldin
Did he say calipiller?🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛
Jonathan Madrid
Jonathan Madrid 16 kun oldin
Are Blake and Kenya related
State Line Outdoors
State Line Outdoors 17 kun oldin
speaking my language with the wood ducks. i hope you maybe can get pintail and widgeon
Delia Vidal
Delia Vidal 17 kun oldin
Are you gonna put missy and her boyfriend in the aviary
Alexander Javier
Alexander Javier 17 kun oldin
That will fall if there is a storm you will need to secure it better
Alexander Javier
Alexander Javier 17 kun oldin
1 million
Marlon Martinez
Marlon Martinez 17 kun oldin
People fall down while filming with you....Greg Woodstock and now camera girl
Eddie Melendez
Eddie Melendez 17 kun oldin
the gumball tree has to go deeper in the ground ,because the roots wont grow right .horticultur 101
Ollie Moss
Ollie Moss 17 kun oldin
Love your videos man, always had the dream to have my own ranch/rescue, it’s been one of my dreams for a life time, now at 21yrs old, I’ve made the decision to start saving to make it possible, on a rough basis how much would it cost to get something small set up, 250k upwards?? Would love to know so I can get my dreams started keep u0 the work bro❤️💯
Adam Temple
Adam Temple 17 kun oldin
Super cool blog keep the good work
Donny Jones
Donny Jones 17 kun oldin
9:58 just Gorgeous ❤️
Mrs. Denise Jauernic PuppySaver
Mrs. Denise Jauernic PuppySaver 17 kun oldin
Those plants are root bound. You need to break up the roots some so that they grow better.
J SAL 17 kun oldin
I'm super excited about this build.. Ain't going to lie though, wouldn't put the capabarea in there .. On another note always luv the channel. Keep on keeping on my friend...
santiago lezama
santiago lezama 17 kun oldin
Will the otter be free at some point in this enclosure ?
Tomás Coimbra
Tomás Coimbra 17 kun oldin
Some kiwi plant or passion fruit on the poles would be dope! A think orchids Will not last long they Need shade and high humidity
killen2167 17 kun oldin
Hey Blake, shouldn't you wait with plantings greenery untill The fencing is in place? All The machinery thats gonna be going through there while puttning the fencing up is gonna ruin a lot I think.
Auzzie Adventures with Kylie
Auzzie Adventures with Kylie 17 kun oldin
African pigmy goose..... They are amazing
BMG 50Shot
BMG 50Shot 17 kun oldin
They Are Good For The Ecosystem
Jimmy Barber
Jimmy Barber 17 kun oldin
You going to have a lot of problems with bird crap on everything
Tyrell Blackmon
Tyrell Blackmon 17 kun oldin
I'm just here for Kenya lol jk Blake
Hurker Jenkins
Hurker Jenkins 17 kun oldin
This is going to look DOPE when it’s finished! Followed up on some of the comments, and one thing I’ll add to help you out Bro - Dig the holes a little wider in the beginning. Once the roots get broken up they’ll enjoy soft soil to grow into quickly. Naturally, that pond will be able to fertilize all of those plants! Fish waste is one of the best natural fertilizers we have on this earth. 👍🏽
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson 18 kun oldin
Looking great 👍👍❤️❤️
Liam Diffee
Liam Diffee 18 kun oldin
You should cut the zip tie excess on your fence for your privacy screen. Looks cheap lol
Stefanie Cunningham
Stefanie Cunningham 18 kun oldin
I think your going to get an African pygmy goose
FishinChicago 18 kun oldin
Pygmy goose 🤔
Erupt Assassin
Erupt Assassin 18 kun oldin
I think the bird is a African pygmy goose
Smith Playz15
Smith Playz15 18 kun oldin
I have a feeling the geese he’s adding are Egyptian geese bc he had some in the past but then they disappeared
Joey isamazing
Joey isamazing 18 kun oldin
Put a couple chickens in there. They’ll take care of the caterpillars for you
mec104 18 kun oldin
Collect all those caterpillars and feed them to your birds or fishes.
Julane Becker
Julane Becker 18 kun oldin
This is the most awesome build you have done yet. can’t wait until it is done. By The Way when will it be finished do you think?
trigger Danger
trigger Danger 18 kun oldin
can’t wait till it’s finish bro
Christian Wilson
Christian Wilson 18 kun oldin
Plezzzzzzzzzzz do more vidioes with nugget the deer soon I love that deer and plezzzz get her a buck soon Plezzzzzzzzzzz
Gary Colman
Gary Colman 18 kun oldin
That aviary is going to be on another level Blake! Looking great good job from all your helpers too!! 💪🏻👍🏼💪🏻
loftyskies123 18 kun oldin
soak your plants in water in a bucket or something for an hour or two then plant them ,they,ll appreciate that .also just loosen the root ball with your fingers . dont water the leaves go straight to the base of the plant and let the water run for ages so they get a really good soak .even a heavy shower does not get to the bottom roots .
James Gilcrease
James Gilcrease 18 kun oldin
I work in pest control use like a peppermint oil or a thyme oil on the plants it will kill/Deter the bugs
Arcade Kaos
Arcade Kaos 18 kun oldin
That enclosure is definitely way too small for the capybara you have to get rid of them or make it Wider
Liam Alstad
Liam Alstad 18 kun oldin
Turnbuckles at like 8:00
Corey Klassic
Corey Klassic 18 kun oldin
BLake needs to marry Kenya, 100%perfect fit
North Star
North Star 18 kun oldin
Train owl , petri and cookoobera on a leash and release the albino skunk on a picnic day in here
Brian Britman
Brian Britman 18 kun oldin
Your girlfriend is beautiful
hhoody 123
hhoody 123 18 kun oldin
Is the water level of the pond going to be higher ????
Branton Archer
Branton Archer 18 kun oldin
I can see it now ur place is going to be dope
Matthew Contreras
Matthew Contreras 18 kun oldin
I know what goose you getting Pygmy goose bahahahahah I’m right lmao
simon V
simon V 18 kun oldin
Do you still have button quails
Tashi Grg
Tashi Grg 18 kun oldin
Hey Blake how many dogs u have
aquaticpimp 18 kun oldin
This and the otters enclosure are my most anticipated things your doing. I always look forward to your videos Blake. Don't change for noone.
marianne froholdt
marianne froholdt 18 kun oldin
Put a fense around the plants until they Get bigger😉
culinary531 18 kun oldin
“Trails” lmao more like an unhappy animal that is pacing it’s enclosure
Alex Tyler
Alex Tyler 18 kun oldin
I hope you’re going to tuck the edge of the liner in your “natural” pond
Tyler E
Tyler E 18 kun oldin
I think you are going to get a African Pygmy Goose
Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker 18 kun oldin
Looks Good Blake! Very cool!
Ashlie Mohan
Ashlie Mohan 18 kun oldin
Hey Blake is there anyway I can come see the ranch ?.
jenissa julien
jenissa julien 18 kun oldin
You should add more turtle and fishes in to the Avery
Jeroen Lamers
Jeroen Lamers 18 kun oldin
You can feed the catapillars to your fish and turtles!
Ben LaBrot
Ben LaBrot 18 kun oldin
is it an african pygmy goose? they are gorgeous geese and actually a perching duck and some of the smallest of the worlds waterfowl it’s considered a goose because of its stubby beak.
Duarte Moreira
Duarte Moreira 18 kun oldin
Those african pygmy goose are beautiful love the project!!! MUCH love from Portugal 🇵🇹
ogama843 18 kun oldin
I think you should get upper middle class bushes. They are more bougie. Maybe even get some upper class bushes, and they can donate to the lower class bushes.
Anthony Sale
Anthony Sale 18 kun oldin
Can't wait for the finished aviary
Jason Stewart
Jason Stewart 18 kun oldin
You should put some gunnera in around the pond you want a spectacular display put a couple of these plants in you won't be disappointed
Ahsan Zafar
Ahsan Zafar 18 kun oldin
Phinneas Heiskell
Phinneas Heiskell 18 kun oldin
You should put a sloth in there😂😀
Hamza.h28 18 kun oldin
Kenya is such a blessing to have on the Channel 😂😅 13:46
Bruno Ramos
Bruno Ramos 18 kun oldin
Super nice... Thanks for share...
Michael Thornley
Michael Thornley 18 kun oldin
I would not have thought you could attach the netting to the fence, especially a neighbouring fence. And if the green shade-cloth tears the gap of the wire will be a bigger gauge behind it allowing for smaller birds to escape and 'predators to enter. The netting should come straight down on the outer side of the poles and not on the fence. Just my opinion from the aviaries I have had in the past.
Ted Sheltie
Ted Sheltie 18 kun oldin
Mandarins and wood ducks can breed together
Randy Sevilla
Randy Sevilla 18 kun oldin
The capybaras will destroy the enclosure no matter what, they’re foragers, it’s what they do..
Eric Fourmont
Eric Fourmont 18 kun oldin
R.i.p.girlfriend from Blake 😂
Erik Sorto
Erik Sorto 18 kun oldin
Does Blake ever wear shoes?
Dylan Borg
Dylan Borg 18 kun oldin
Blake why don’t you get a peacock inside That enclosure I love peacocks there one of my favourite animals and I think that there will be good and look nice
nicholas splinter
nicholas splinter 18 kun oldin
Blake FOBs out a lot 😂
Joseph 18 kun oldin
Make a shelf for the poles for the birds like a small deck
Matt Wegner
Matt Wegner 18 kun oldin
love the energy and vibes
Dalton Saldana
Dalton Saldana 18 kun oldin
I hope he gets Kakapo’s (if they allow it) he’ll take great care of those flightless parrots.
Joseph 18 kun oldin
Be nice to see the pond re done the rocks just don't look right like idk maybe fill it up re arrange the rocks ??? Idk awesome vid tho
aravind nair
aravind nair 18 kun oldin
I wanna go into future an look how this place would look🤔😍
Shreyas Nayak
Shreyas Nayak 18 kun oldin
Mandarin Ducks🥺❤🌠
Demonic Pharoah
Demonic Pharoah 18 kun oldin
10:11 "pot out of the plant" are they the same thang 🤔
Michael Rollings
Michael Rollings 18 kun oldin
Hey bro break up the root balls when planting new plants helps them grow better can I get a shout out from Australia mick
Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch
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